How to choose PANEL LED LIGHT? 3 points that affect indoor lighting

///How to choose PANEL LED LIGHT? 3 points that affect indoor lighting

How to choose PANEL LED LIGHT? 3 points that affect indoor lighting

There is no best panel led light, only the most suitable PANEL LED LIGHT. Different indoor lighting needs, you should choose different panel led lights.
If it is determined that the interior decoration style is to install panel led lights, there are also some requirements for the selection of panel led lights. In summary, there are at least three aspects that must be considered when selecting PANEL LED LIGHT.

PANEL LED LIGHTS lighting school classroom led flat panel lamp
First: PANEL LED LIGHT must meet the requirements of no flicker.
The power supply frequency of ordinary fluorescent lamps is about 50 Hz, and this means that it lights up and down 100 times per second when it emits light, so it is a low-frequency strobe. This strobe will also make the eye’s regulatory organs in a ti ghtly regulated state, which can easily lead to visual fatigue.
If the frequency at which the lamp emits light can be increased to hundreds or tens of thousands of hertz, which is commonly referred to as high frequency, then the eye will ignore this flicker, so that the panel led light achieves the “no flicker” effect.
In fact, the real “no flicker” is that the DC power supply or the light emitted by semiconductor solid-state light-emitting devices (such as LED light-emitting diodes) is also made into a no-frequency flash, so you must pay special attention to this when purchasing LED lights.
The flicker-free function of panel led is also based on the high-quality LED chips used.

PANEL LED LIGHT lighting the classroom led flat panel light
Second: panel led lights should not emit ultraviolet and infrared light.
The eyes have been receiving too much UV for a long time, which not only easily causes keratitis, but also causes damage to the lens, retina, choroid, etc.
Infrared rays are also easily absorbed by water. Excessive amounts of infrared rays are absorbed by the lens when they are gathered by the human eye. Over time, the lens will degenerate and cause cataracts.
Therefore, the production qualification and technical level of led panel manufacturers are very important. JAMSEM was established when the “China led panel” LED lighting industry was on the rise. With more than a decade of experience in the development and production of panel led lights, JAMSEM’s PANEL LED lights do not have ultraviolet rays., Infrared, and also eliminate the blue light hazard. Contact us for details.

LED flat panel lights - panel led light lighting hospital
Third: PANEL LED LIGHT choose the corresponding color temperature (CT), Color Rendering Index (CRI) and other properties according to different occasions.
The color temperature should be close to natural light.
People have lived under natural light for a long time, so the human eye is very adaptable to natural light and the visual effect is also good.
Because the color temperature of PANEL LED LIGHTS are many, there are positive white light, cold white light, warm light, etc., so when purchasing panel led lights, you must choose different PANEL LED lights according to different lighting requirements.
For example, if in the office, classroom, conference room, etc. have a large number of people, it is best to choose a panel led light that is close to the color temperature of natural light. Generally, with a color temperature of 4000 ~ 6500K, the human eye looks the most comfortable and rarely causes eye damage.
When selecting panel led lights for hospital operating rooms and laboratories, PANEL LED lights with high illumination, obviously good index, and no harmful light should be selected according to the space layout.

PANEL LED - led panel lights lighting the lab room
The above three points are the buying guide for panel led light. Provided by professional led panel light manufacturer and LED panel light factory——JAMSEM “led panel china”.
There is no best panel led light, only the most suitable PANEL LED LIGHT. According to the above instructions, you can correctly choose the right panel led light. If you have any questions and answers after reading the above introduction, please contact our email “”, and we will reply to you within 12 hours of receiving the information. Believe us, no one is more professional than us about “led panel lights“.

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