PANEL LED light regular size and 5 shapes of led panel lighting classification

///PANEL LED light regular size and 5 shapes of led panel lighting classification

PANEL LED light regular size and 5 shapes of led panel lighting classification

PANEL LED is a kind of high-end indoor lighting fixture. The panel led light is beautiful and simple. It is a popular product of indoor lighting in recent years and is popular among people.
PANEL LED lights come in various sizes and styles. According to the shape of the panel led light, they can be divided into square led panel lighting, round panel led lights, ring led panel lights, shaped led panel lighting and so on.
Among the various types of PANEL LED lights, square panel led lights and rectangular led panel lights are the most commonly used lamps.

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  1. Specifications of the square PANEL LED light:
    Among the square led panel lights, led panel light 60×60 and led panel light 62×62 are the most common size specifications. PANEL LED lights in the North American market usually use feet units, led panel 60×60 in
    60×60 led panel light is usually short for model size, the specific size is 600x600mm panel led light. The true size of the 62×62 led panel light is 620x620mm.
    Due to different decoration standards in different countries, the size of panel led lights also varies. For example, the actual size of 60×60 led panel lights used in some countries is actually 595×595 mm or 606×606 mm, which depends mainly on local conditions.
    Generally speaking, the size of the panel led light corresponds to the size of the local ceiling board. The specific size of the panel led light should be selected according to its actual situation.

LED panel light 60x60 cm OEM ODM flat panel light & panel lamp 600x600 mm

2. Rectangular panel led light specifications:
There are various sizes of rectangular led panel light. Generally speaking, conventional rectangular led panel lights mainly include 150x1200mm panel led lights, 300x600mm panel led lights, led panel 30×120, led panel 60×120 and other specifications.
Among these sizes of rectangular led panel lights, led panel light 30×120 and led panel light 60×120 are common panel light specifications.
Similar to the above, the common size of rectangular panel led lights is the same as that of square panel led lights, and the specifications are consistent with the size of indoor ceiling panels.

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3. Specifications of round led panel lighting:
Due to the special shape of the round led panel light, the use place is limited. If you need to install round panel led lights, ceiling mounting is generally used.
Round panel led light can also be used to replace old lamps such as down lights, but because the size is different, you may need to customize special round panel led lights, which will lead to high price of LED panel lights.

round led panel light

4.  Ring led panel lighting specifications:
The circular led panel light is more beautiful and looks more artistic, but in terms of lighting effect, it is far inferior to the square panel led light, so it is more often used as an auxiliary light source to decorate the lighting environment and adjust the ambient atmosphere.
The main lighting source must rely on square panel led lights.

ring led panel light

5.  Specifications of special-shaped LED PANEL light:
The shape of the special-shaped led panel light is various. Like the circular led panel lighting, it is mainly used for decoration.
The special-shaped led panel lamp is a product that requires special customization, so the led panel price is very expensive compared to ordinary panel led lights, and it is not a conventional lamp. Unless there is customer customization, almost led panel manufacturers will not produce such panel light.

led panel lights special-shaped flat panel lighting

Although the shapes of the panel led lights are various, the most commonly used led panels are standardized products such as led panel 60×60 (2×2 led panel), led panel 30×120 (1×4 led panel), and led panel 60×120. The standardized PANEL LED light can greatly reduce the led panel price with the advantage of scale, so it is also more popular.
PANEL LED lights are classified by shape, which are roughly these types. If you have any questions or needs about led panels, please contact the professional led panel manufacturer through the contact information on this website.

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