LED panel light manufacturer’s views on the installation of LED flat panel lighting in school classrooms

///LED panel light manufacturer’s views on the installation of LED flat panel lighting in school classrooms

LED panel light manufacturer’s views on the installation of LED flat panel lighting in school classrooms

LED panel lights application in university classroom led flat panel light lighting the college classroom
LED lighting has now become the mainstream choice for indoor lighting. As a LED panel light manufacturer, JAMSEM uses the experience of “led panel china” to briefly explain the main points of installing led flat panel lights in classrooms instead of traditional lighting fixtures.

1. Before installing LED panel lights in the classroom, you must determine the light illumination level and spatial brightness distribution of each subdivided area.

2. According to the characteristics and functions of the building, install led panels in different areas, and if necessary, configure dimming CCT dimmable led panel lights.

3. The LED panel light selected for classroom lighting must have a color rendering requirement greater than 80.

led panel lighting school library led flat panel light

4. Select LED panel lighting according to lighting needs, compare and optimize the layout of the luminaires, and comprehensively implement the values ​​recommended in the standard. Backlit panel is cheap and have no risk of yellowing, making them more suitable for installation in classrooms than edge-lit panel.

5. Energy-saving requirements of led panel lights: First of all, when selecting energy-efficient LED panel light, energy-efficient LED chips must be used. Secondly, a dedicated driving power source for LED panels configured, which can overcome the flicker problem of led panel lighting and improve the efficiency of the LED light source.

6. Coordination of LED panel lights with the environment:

(1) LED panels should be coordinated with the light color of the place lighting, for example: the coordination of classrooms and walkways, consistent with the characteristics of decoration;
(2) Coordination of indoor illumination of led panels, for example: coordination of illumination of classrooms and walkways. In adjacent areas with different functions, the illuminance change of the led panel light should not exceed 5:1.

LED flat panel light application: led panel lighting in the school auditorium

7. At present, the projector has become the main equipment for school teaching, and a part of CCT dimmable led panel light can be considered for classroom lighting.

LED panel light is a daily essential electrical product, so the quality of the led panel is very important, and the quality level of the led panel depends on the LED panel light manufacturer. Therefore, it is most important to choose a high-quality led panel light factory.
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LED panel light lighting the school classroom
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