LED panel light manufacturers on the causes of common faults LED panel light Analysis

///LED panel light manufacturers on the causes of common faults LED panel light Analysis

LED panel light manufacturers on the causes of common faults LED panel light Analysis

Common fault phenomena of edge-lit LED panel light

1. When the edge-lit LED panel light is on, there is a dark area around the luminous surface.

The dark area of LED edge panel light is generally the problem of light guide plate. LED panel light manufacturers can find material problems in the manufacturing process. Therefore, LED panel lights pass the test when the products leave the factory. However, lights may be damaged during logistics transportation. There is also a phenomenon that may lead to the dark area of LED panel lighting, that is, if the frame of panel LED light is too thin, and workers screw the screws too tightly when installing LED flat panel light, it may lead to the deformation of the frame and then press the light guide plate to form the dark area phenomenon.

2. The LED panels are blue or yellow

The abnormal light emitted by the LED panel light belongs to the structural design defect of the panel light. The LED panel light manufacturers should first adjust the distance between LED chip and light guide plate, or 3T for 4T, because the refractive index of blue light and yellow light is different. If the problem cannot be solved, it may be the problem of LED light beads. You only need to replace the light beads to solve the problem.

3. Large seam of aluminum frame of LED panel light

The frame seam of LED flat panel light is too large, which does not affect the appearance, and may also lead to light leakage. This situation is mostly due to the high defective rate of frame manufacturers, which leads to the problem of too large frame gap in some products.

4. The LED panel light has problems such as bright edge, bright spot and bright spot.

This problem is most likely caused by the problem of the light guide plate. The light guide point engraved by the light guide plate during production is an important channel for the refraction direction of LED light, so it is very important to select a good material supplier.

5. Water ripple appears when the LED panel lighting is on

Water ripple is caused by current pulsation, which can be solved by replacing power supply.

6. The luminous flux measurement of PANEL LED light is too low

Use a distributed photometer to select multiple points for testing. If the luminous flux is too low, it indicates that it is a problem of material selection. Replacing led beads with high luminous efficiency can improve the luminous flux of LED panel lights.

7. Other fault phenomena

The light guide plate of LED panel light expands in case of heat, which compresses the light beads, and the light may be blue or even dead.