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About Us

Since its establishment, JAMSEM has been focusing on the chinese high-end cleanroom panel lights, and gained a wide range of reputation in China.

It has provided a complete lighting solution for customers in the pharmaceutical factory, food factory, school,hospital,operation room, sanatorium, electronic factory, dust-free workshop, laboratory, transportation engineering, precision instrument, fine chemical, new energy and other industries.

Now, JAMSEM has occupied 63% of cleanroom market in China, as a result this brand has become the focus of market competition in china.

In order to meet the needs of the market and customer,JAMSEM strengthens technical innovation energetically, and begun to expand overseas OEM/ODM market of commercial panel lamps.

Actually, the LED cleanroom panel light’s technic requires a higher level than commercial office panel light, so under the guidance of the same high-tech research development team of engineers, high-tech production facilities and class 100, 000 cleanroom workshop will absolutely guarantee the pretty good quality of products.
Therefore, JAMSEM is warmly welcomed in the distribution channel, project contractor and wholesalers, won the customer recognition within a short time.