Advantages of panel lights using LED chip

Now panel LED lights basically use high-efficiency led beads as lighting source. Low light attenuation and long service life are the significant advantages of LED. So what are the advantages of LED panel lights? 1. High illumination of LED panel light: The LED panel light adopts sealed design. The light guide plate and reflective [...]

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LED panel light manufacturers on the causes of common faults LED panel light Analysis

Common fault phenomena of edge-lit LED panel light 1. When the edge-lit LED panel light is on, there is a dark area around the luminous surface. The dark area of LED edge panel light is generally the problem of light guide plate. LED panel light manufacturers can find material problems in the manufacturing process. Therefore, LED [...]

LED panel light manufacturers reveal secrets: 5 tips for purchasing LED flat panel lighting

PANEL LED lights purchase guide: if you want to choose the right LED panel light, as long as you comply with the following five points, you will not choose the wrong one. 1. The LED beads of LED panel lights must be of reliable quality. The core light-emitting component of LED panel lighting is led [...]

Key points of LED panel light manufacturers on improving the optical performance of PANEL LED lightings

The optical performance of LED panel light mainly involves the performance requirements of luminosity, spectrum and chroma. According to the latest industry standard "semiconductor light-emitting diode test method", the main parameters are peak wavelength, spectral radiation bandwidth, axial luminous intensity angle, luminous flux, radiation flux, luminous efficiency, chromaticity coordinates, relevant color temperature, color purity and [...]

China LED PANEL manufacturers tips: LED panel light maintenance and cleaning instructions!

LED panel light maintenance and cleaning instructions! A、 Precautions for safe use of LED panel lights: 1. Before installation and use of PANEL LED light, please confirm whether LED panel lighting is damaged during transportation. If LED panel is damaged, stop installation, and contact China LED panel manufacturer in time for after-sales communication. 2. If [...]

LED panel manufacturer recommended LED flat panel lights style features: backlit panel and edge-lit panel lighting

There are two types of LED panels: one is backlit LED panel light, the other is edge-lit panel light. Jamsem is a China LED panel manufacturer with more than ten years of R & D and manufacturing experience, so customers often ask: which is better, backlit panel light or edge-lit panel light? As a professional LED [...]

LED panel light manufacturers about panel LED lighting failure analysis

There are many phenomena of LED panel lighting failure, for example, the panel LED has obvious dark area after lighting, the LED panel light cannot be lit, or the LED panel has obvious water ripple after lighting. The fault phenomenon of LED panel lighting is different, and the cause of fault is also different.What are [...]

Precautions for installation of LED panel light

Precautions for installation of LED panel light : Although the various ways of installing PANEL LED LIGHTS are relatively simple, there are still some matters needing attention in the process of installing LED flat panel light, so as to ensure the stability of lamp performance and long service life. 1. Before installing panel LED lights, [...]

PANEL LED FLAT LIGHT should be installed in these places

LED panel light is a kind of high-grade indoor lighting lamp. Its outer frame is made of aluminum alloy by anodizing. The light source is led chip. The whole panel LED light is beautiful, simple and luxurious. It not only has good lighting effect, but also brings beautiful feeling. PANEL LED light design is unique, [...]

LED panel light manufacturers tell us the advantages of installing PANEL LED lights in commercial place

Is led panel light suitable for installation in shopping malls, supermarkets and specialty stores? The answer is yes. Compared with ordinary lamps and lanterns, PANEL LED lights have many advantages, such as beautiful appearance, high brightness, good color rendering, no eye damage, more energy saving and environmental protection, which is the development trend of LED [...]

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