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LED panel light manufacturer-JAMSEM PANEL LED products help prevent and control COVID-19

Does the LED panel light have a prevention and control effect on COVID-19? LED panel manufacturers have something to say about this. In 2020, COVID-19 will emerge suddenly and break the opening plan for everyone. As the originator of Corona Virus Disease 2019, COVID-19 has become a common hazard for all human beings due [...]

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LED panel light supplier JAMSEM will add a led flat panel lights automatic production workshop

JAMSEM, as the famous led panel light brand of led panel manufacturers in "China led panel" industry, also provides panel led lighting OEM and ODM services for customers. Over the past 12 years, JAMSEM has been known for its professionalism and focus in the field of PANEL LED LIGHT. JAMSEM has been committed to the [...]

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LED panel light manufacturers bring Christmas poem wishes

With all good wishes for a brilliant and happy Christmas season. Hope things are going all right with you! As one of the most professional led panel manufacturers in the world, JAMSEM led panels has more than ten years of panel led light production experience (China led panel) and 860,000 square feet of production [...]

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PANEL LED light regular size and 5 shapes of led panel lighting classification

PANEL LED is a kind of high-end indoor lighting fixture. The panel led light is beautiful and simple. It is a popular product of indoor lighting in recent years and is popular among people. PANEL LED lights come in various sizes and styles. According to the shape of the panel led light, they can [...]

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LED panel light manufacturer’s views on the installation of LED flat panel lighting in school classrooms

LED lighting has now become the mainstream choice for indoor lighting. As a LED panel light manufacturer, JAMSEM uses the experience of "led panel china" to briefly explain the main points of installing led flat panel lights in classrooms instead of traditional lighting fixtures. 1. Before installing LED panel lights in the classroom, you [...]

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led panel light manufacturer JAMSEM bring you holiday wishes for Thanksgiving

JAMSEM led panel light, with gratitude, walk with you The growth of JAMSEM led panels is inseparable from the support of each customer Thank you, old and new customers It is your trust and tolerance Achievement of JAMSEM led panels today Also shaping the future of JAMSEM led panel lamp You gave us trust and [...]

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LED panel light manufacturer notes: led panel factory’s overview of backlit led panels and edge-lit panel lamp

Now LED panel lights are becoming more popular, so what is LED flat panel light? Where are LED panels mainly used? What about the price of LED panel lights? Want to know? So let professional led panels answer these questions now.  Introduction to led flat panel light LED panel lights work by using an [...]

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LED panel light classification: advantages and disadvantages of backlit panel and edge-lit panel

LED panel lights are classified into two types according to the light-emitting type, one is a back-lit panel, and the other is a edge-lit panel. The backlit panel (led panel light) is designed to make a reasonable LED pitch by using the LED illumination angle, and the diffuser plate and the height of the lamp [...]

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