Advantages of panel lights using LED chip

///Advantages of panel lights using LED chip

Advantages of panel lights using LED chip

Now panel LED lights basically use high-efficiency led beads as lighting source. Low light attenuation and long service life are the significant advantages of LED. So what are the advantages of LED panel lights?
1. High illumination of LED panel light:
The LED panel light adopts sealed design. The light guide plate and reflective paper guide the LED light to the luminous surface. The outer frame uses aviation aluminum alloy to strengthen the whole. Led diffuser can further eliminate glare and reduce video fatigue. The surface is smooth and bright, the light is uniform, soft and not dazzling, and the illumination is higher.
2. LED panel light has good heat dissipation and light weight:
The outer frame of LED panel light is made of aluminum alloy, with good heat dissipation performance. Good heat dissipation can effectively increase the service life of panel light. At the same time, aluminum alloy material can effectively reduce the weight of lights, make installation easy and reduce maintenance cost.

3. Long service life of LED panel light:
The normal service time of LED light beads can reach more than 50000 hours, turn on the light for 20 hours every day, and can be used for 2500 days. The service life theory of LED light beads can reach more than 7 years.
4. LED panel light color adjustable:
The light color can be adjusted according to different needs and environmental changes. It not only has no radiation and glare, but also can protect vision, and the light color is more mild. LED panel light has high color rendering index, strong color reduction, clear vision and no distortion when looking at objects. It is suitable for all kinds of lighting places.
5. LED panel light has strong vibration resistance
LED light source is a kind of high hardness resin illuminant rather than tungsten glass, which is not easy to be damaged. Therefore, it has relatively high vibration resistance and strong adaptability to ambient temperature.
No stroboscopic, pure DC operation, eliminating the visual fatigue caused by the stroboscopic of traditional panel lights.

6. LED panel light is energy-saving and lower power consumption:
LED panel lighting technology is a green lighting technology, with no mercury, less waste and little pollution in the manufacturing process; The LED panel light has no ultraviolet and infrared rays, so as to avoid radiation damage to the illuminated object. Semiconductor lighting is recyclable and recyclable, which plays an important role in the sustainable development of economy and society.

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