China LED panel light manufacturers hold Lantern Festival fun activities

///China LED panel light manufacturers hold Lantern Festival fun activities

China LED panel light manufacturers hold Lantern Festival fun activities

In the new year, there must be a new atmosphere. At the start operation in 2021, in order to improve the morale of the company and enhance the team cohesion among employees, the company(LED panel light manufacturers) chose to hold the “Jamsem PANEL LED 2021 Lantern Festival, cohesion fun activities” at the Lantern Festival.

The highlight of this activity is the three interesting games participated by the company’s employees. Each game has added prizes and bonuses. Everyone has a prize, and the winner has more rewards.

It can not only bring spiritual pleasure, but also get material rewards, and employees’ enthusiasm for participation is thoroughly stimulated. If you look at the photos of the activity, you can imagine how lively it is!

The king of grabbing Kwai, quick hand to grab money, and rolling on money, these are easy to get started and are popular games. We have received great praise. Therefore, the game process is brilliant. Participating, watching, cheering, everyone is immersed in the happy atmosphere of the game.

These games fully show the company’s employees’ positive and energetic youth and style.

In the happy atmosphere of the game, the company’s employees draw closer to each other, further enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the team, and create a lively, healthy, harmonious and positive atmosphere.

I believe that in the future work, employees will be more full of enthusiasm into their jobs, contribute to the vigorous development of the company.

The interesting activities organized by the company not only opened everyone’s work vitality in the new year, enriched their spare time cultural life, but also provided a platform for communication while relaxing. I believe that in the future in the operation of the company, employees can face the work with a more positive and good attitude, unity and cooperation.

Finally, all the employees who participated in this activity, with the bonus and happiness gained in this activity, left this unforgettable moment together under the witness of the camera.

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