LED panel light manufacturers reveal secrets: 5 tips for purchasing LED flat panel lighting

///LED panel light manufacturers reveal secrets: 5 tips for purchasing LED flat panel lighting

LED panel light manufacturers reveal secrets: 5 tips for purchasing LED flat panel lighting

PANEL LED lights purchase guide: if you want to choose the right LED panel light, as long as you comply with the following five points, you will not choose the wrong one.

1. The LED beads of LED panel lights must be of reliable quality.

The core light-emitting component of LED panel lighting is led chip. Different manufacturers produce different types of LED beads due to different process levels, and the luminous efficiency and color rendering index may be different.

Therefore, when purchasing LED panel light, please first learn about the brand of LED chip from the LED panel manufacturers, so as to have a basic judgment on the quality of LED lamp beads.

Reliable LED lamp beads not only have long service life, but also have high luminous efficiency and more stable color rendering index. When used in the later stage, there is no capacity problem.

2. The color temperature of Panel LED light should be suitable for different environment.

Color temperature is the feeling of the eyes to light. Generally speaking, the higher the color temperature is, the whiter the light color is; the lower the color temperature is, the yellower the panel led light color is.

Different lighting places have different requirements for lighting. Therefore, the color temperature is an important index to select LED panel light.

Shopping malls, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and toilets have different demands for lighting. For example, the led panel light in the bedroom is yellow, which can make people feel warm. At this time, it is recommended to choose low color temperature below 5000K when buying LED panel lights.

Generally, the color temperature range of LED panel light is 2700k ~ 6500k, which can create the most suitable lighting environment. It is not recommended to choose the color temperature above 7000K, because when the color temperature reaches 7000K, it will do great harm to the eyes.

Warm white light 3200K: give you a quiet and private atmosphere, suitable for rest and watching movies.

Natural light 4000K: give you relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, suitable for party and play.

White light 6000K: give you a clear and sober atmosphere, suitable for reading, leisure and entertainment activities.

3. The luminous flux of LED panel light is also important.

Luminous flux is a professional term for lamps, which usually refers to the brightness of lamps. According to the different use environment, the required brightness is also different. For example, in the school classroom, students may need to study under the light for a long time, and the luminous flux of LED panel light is higher than that of other environments.

Different lighting area and the layout of lamps will also affect the luminous flux. When selecting led clean lamps, combined with the installation layout of lighting environment and referring to the luminous flux of panel lamp, the luminous flux per square meter can be calculated to meet the engineering requirements.

If there is no special requirement, the best lighting environment is sufficient brightness but not dazzling.

4. The higher the CCT of LED panels, the better.

Looking at the CTT is to look at the authenticity of the object’s color under the light. The value is generally 0-100. Now, the CCT of white LED panel lights is more than 75. It is better to choose 85 or more.

In some special places, such as hospital operating room and painting classroom, the CCT is greater than 90, which can significantly improve the lighting environment.

5. Select LED panel light without stroboscopic.

If the LED panel light flickers, it may affect the eyes. It is difficult for human eyes to see the flicker of LED panel light, but with the camera of mobile phone, we can clearly see the flicker problem.

If you see gray and white “stripes” on the screen through the mobile phone camera, it means that the LED panel light has serious stroboscopic, so it is not recommended to buy such clean lamps.

The stroboscopic problem of LED panel lighting is closely related to the performance of power supply. As a manufacturer of PANEL LED, JAMSEM  LED panel light uses high-p non stroboscopic power supply, so there is no stroboscopic problem, so it is worth buying.

The above is LED panel manufacturers on the selection of panel light purchasing skills, according to the above requirements to buy, you can buy suitable LED panel light products.