Explanation of LED panel light technical difficulties by LED panel lighting manufacturer

///Explanation of LED panel light technical difficulties by LED panel lighting manufacturer

Explanation of LED panel light technical difficulties by LED panel lighting manufacturer

JAMSEM led panel, as a professional China led panel manufacturer, is committed to research the performance innovation of led panel light.

As a representative LED panel manufacturer of “led panel China“, JAMSEM is very familiar with the technology and characteristics of LED panels. For the key technology of led panels production, JAMSEM is mainly divided into three categories.

1. Light performance of led panel lighting (led panel light distribution of light) : the optical performance of led panel light mainly involves the performance requirements of luminosity, spectrum and chromaticity.

According to the latest industry standard “semiconductor led test method”, there are mainly peak wavelength, spectral radiation bandwidth, axial luminous intensity Angle, luminous flux, radiation flux, luminous efficiency, color coordinate, color temperature, color purity, main wavelength, color rendering index and other parameters.

LED panel lights commonly used white light LED, color temperature, color index and illumination is particularly important, it is an important indicator of lighting atmosphere and effect, and color purity and main wavelength is generally not required.

The mainstream practice in LED lighting industry is to package LED chips to form light source or light source module, and then conduct light distribution when making led panel lights.

In this way, the traditional light source is used, because the traditional light source is 360° light. If I want to direct light to the application side。

In fact, the optical parameters of lamps applied by many downstream LED manufacturers in the world are the optical parameters of chips or light sources, rather than the optical index parameters of the overall lamps of LED panels.

led panel light LED flat panel lighting case 1

led panel light LED flat panel lighting case 1

How to better improve the optical performance of the beads inside led panels?

The latest technology in the world is to do light distribution on the chip package, one time the chip light out, maintain the maximum light output, so that the light loss rate is only 5% to 10%.

With the continuous improvement of technology, the light loss rate will be lower and lower, and the light efficiency of the light source will be higher and higher. Also equipped with such light source lamps and lanterns do not need to do light distribution, the efficiency of the relative lamps and lanterns will be greatly improved, make it more widely used to functional lighting, the formation of a considerable scale of market channels.

So having a reliable enough supplier of LED chips is what led panel factory want most.

LED panel manufacturers do not need to spend a high cost to study how to better light distribution of LED chip in LED panel light, nor do they need to spend a lot of time and experience to ask engineers to use software simulation, the easiest way is to ask LED white light supplier to cooperate.

You know, if our engineers use software to simulate, then the necessary actions are input and output. The input is the data import in the early stage, and the output is the simulation result, so the data in the early stage must be accurate and the back-end simulation can be correct.

led panel light LED flat panel lighting case 3

led panel light LED flat panel lighting case 3

2. Thermal performance of led panel light (led panel structure) :

LED flat panel lamp luminous efficiency and power, is one of the key technologies of LED panel light industry.

The PN junction temperature and shell heat dissipation of LED is one of the most important factors affecting the luminous efficiency and power of LED panel lighting.

The greater the difference between the PN junction temperature and the LED panel lamp’s body temperature, the greater the thermal resistance will be, and then the light energy will be converted into heat energy and wasted, and the LED will be damaged in serious cases.

An excellent structural engineer of led flat panel lamp should not only consider the structure of LED panel lamp and the thermal resistance of LED, but also consider whether the appearance of LED flat panel lamp is reasonable, fashionable and novel. Of course, there is the reliability and maintainability of LED flat panel light, as well as the practicability of LED panel light.

Therefore, when designing led panel lights, structural engineers of LED panel lights should not only think from the perspective of designers, but also consider products from the perspective of users.

led panel light LED flat panel lighting case 5

led panel light LED flat panel lighting case 5

In today’s LED panel light industry, the common technology is to use aluminum substrate to package, aluminum substrate package led panel lighting, LED chip heat dissipation and optical conversion efficiency are technical core bottlenecks, can not effectively control the temperature and maintain a stable high power of light output.

Moreover, the higher the light efficiency of LED chip is, the larger the area of aluminum substrate is required, which will increase the cost and application volume, leading to more expensive LED panels.

Therefore, how to get out of this misunderstanding and find a new way is the new technical core of led panel lamp industry.

Under the premise of keeping low cost and passive heat dissipation mode, LED panel USES high thermal conductivity medium and through the whole structure of brand-new devices/lamps to reduce the thermal resistance of LED panel light components, reduce the PN junction temperature, make the PN junction work within the allowable working temperature, and maintain the maximum number of photon output.

The minimum requirements are as follows:

(1) LED panel light USES ultra-low thermal resistance material, fast heat dissipation and overall structure technology;

(2) reasonable application of high thermal conductivity and anti-uv packaging technology in led panels;

(3) apply low environmental stress structure technology on LED panel lighting;

(4) overall thermal resistance of LED panel light ≤20K/W, junction temperature ≤80 degrees;

(5) the working temperature of the lighting module of led panel light is controlled below 65℃.

 led panel light LED flat panel lighting case 6

led panel light LED flat panel lighting case 6

3. Electrical performance of led panel lighting (electronic) :

If an led panel light is compared to a girl, its connotation and structure are her appearance, and its electronics are her heart.

No heart, no life. LED panel lights can’t be lit without electronics. A good drive power can also determine the life of an LED panel light product.

The electronic standards and parameters of LED panels are often much more complex than the structure, and the research and development effort in the early stage is also relatively large. The current state of technology is changing rapidly, day by day, and engineers have to spend a lot of time learning, absorbing, decomposing, and applying new technologies.

The preliminary plan of electronic design, the implementation in the middle stage, and the shaping in the later stage. The whole process needs to form documents and data, which is also the most complicated thing in the design.

led panel light LED flat panel lighting case 2

led panel light LED flat panel lighting case 2

For example: a LED panel power supply design of a preliminary scheme, product profile, standard specification basis, safety specifications basis, electrical performance expectations, process requirements, raw material assessment, testing methods, and so on to form a system file.

In the field of LED drive power, Lifud and other brands are commonly used.

As the core part of LED light, LED power supply is like the heart of LED panel. The quality of LED driving power directly determines the quality of LED panel lighting.

First of all, in terms of structural design, outdoor LED drive power must have strict waterproof function, otherwise, it cannot withstand the harsh external environment.

Secondly, the lightning protection function of LED drive power is also very important. It is inevitable to encounter thunderstorm weather when working outside. If the drive power has no lightning protection function, it will directly affect the life of LED lamps and increase the maintenance cost of lamps.

LED panel light manufacturer JAMSEM LED flat panel light at the Hong Kong light show

LED panel light manufacturer: JAMSEM LED flat panel light was a great success at the Hong Kong lighting show

Finally, in the selection of raw materials, its reliability must meet the life demand of led panel lights, and its functional characteristics should be good enough.

As a professional led panel manufacturer and led panel supplier of “led panel china“, JAMSEM has more than 10 years’ experience in led panel manufacturing and r&d, occupying most of the market share of China’s clean room led panel lighting.

In 2019, JAMSEM will start to explore foreign markets, and the world LED panel lighting industry will welcome an excellent LED panel supplier. If you have any question about the technical details of JAMSEM led panel light, we welcome your free consultation at any time.


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