Precautions for installation of LED panel light

///Precautions for installation of LED panel light

Precautions for installation of LED panel light

Precautions for installation of LED panel light :
Although the various ways of installing PANEL LED LIGHTS are relatively simple, there are still some matters needing attention in the process of installing LED flat panel light, so as to ensure the stability of lamp performance and long service life.

installation of LED panel light
1. Before installing panel LED lights, the integrity of LED panel lights should be checked. If the LED panel lighting is found to be deformed or damaged, it should be replaced in time.
2. When installing LED panel lights, it is necessary to ensure a minimum distance of 20cm between LED panel lights and inflammables. At the same time, attention should be paid to the isolation of low-voltage and high-voltage lines.
3. The wiring behind the panel LED lights can be fixed with wire clips to ensure that they are firmly fixed. Otherwise, under the long-term tension, the wire may become loose, which may lead to dangerous situation.

LED flat panel light indoor lighting
4. PANEL LED lights to ensure that the power cord has sufficient length, do not suffer from tension or tangential force. When installing LED flat panel lights, avoid excessive tension and tie the wires. Pay attention to the difference between the output wiring and other lamps and lanterns.
5. After installation, the input end of the panel led light can be connected with the switch plug.
6. Finally, connect the switching power supply of LED panels with the municipal power supply, and pay attention to match the indoor voltage with the input voltage of LED panel lamps. The common indoor voltage standard is 220V, and some countries are 110V.
The above is the installation of LED flat panel light, no matter who installed the LED panel lights, the safe installation method is always not outdated, I wish you a happy.

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