LED panel light supplier JAMSEM will add a led flat panel lights automatic production workshop

///LED panel light supplier JAMSEM will add a led flat panel lights automatic production workshop

LED panel light supplier JAMSEM will add a led flat panel lights automatic production workshop

JAMSEM, as the famous led panel light brand of led panel manufacturers in “China led panel” industry, also provides panel led lighting OEM and ODM services for customers.

Over the past 12 years, JAMSEM has been known for its professionalism and focus in the field of PANEL LED LIGHT. JAMSEM has been committed to the technology research and development of LED PANEL LIGHT, continuously expanding and making progress, and has obtained excellent market feedback. JAMSEM led panels with excellent quality, in just a few years, has occupied the majority of China’s hospital lighting, clean room lighting and other dust-free engineering lighting market.

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At present, JAMSEM PANEL LED has grown into a well-known LED PANEL LIGHT brand in China in the field of cleanroom lighting of Clean lights.  JAMSEM LED PANELS is used in numerous purification projects designated by party a. In addition, it is also easier for bidders to use JAMSEM led panel light for bidding projects. JAMSEM also services to several large LED PANEL LIGHT SUPPLIER brands in China, OEM PANEL LED light for them (we cannot disclose the name of the brand partner due to commercial confidentiality).

Starting from 2019, “JAMSEM” began to vigorously expand the European and American PANEL LED markets, determined to create the first brand of “China led panel” and let the high-quality Chinese panel led light illuminate the world.

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In 2020, JAMSEM will officially move the PANEL LED production line to a more productive workshop, and will officially start the fully automated PANEL LED production line of led flat lights in February.

Larger production workshops and fully automatic PANEL LED production lines will greatly improve the production quality and capacity of LED PANELS to meet customer orders.

No matter led panel 60×60, led panel 30×120, or led panel 60×120, the production and quality of all led flat lights will be controlled by automatic robots. Production and manufacturing, quality inspection, automatic process of packaging and packing, JAMSEM panel led production and quality will reach higher standards.

led panel light supplier JAMSEM led panels automatic production line

JAMSEM PANEL LED warmly welcomes customers and engineers to visit the new production workshop of LED panels and PANEL LED automatic production line, and put forward valuable Suggestions.

Uncertainty in 2020, the world economic development, JAMSEM as a “China led panelled panel manufacturers members, led panels will be in a more positive attitude to deal with the challenge of the New Year, we have always firmly believe that quality is the cornerstone of the PANEL LED, production is the frame of the panel led, as long as in the premise of guarantee quality and production of led panels, reduce production cost, to provide a “best led panel price” of the best LED PANEL LIGHT SUPPLIER.

led flat lights automatic production line

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