LED panel light manufacturers about panel LED lighting failure analysis

///LED panel light manufacturers about panel LED lighting failure analysis

LED panel light manufacturers about panel LED lighting failure analysis

There are many phenomena of LED panel lighting failure, for example, the panel LED has obvious dark area after lighting, the LED panel light cannot be lit, or the LED panel has obvious water ripple after lighting. The fault phenomenon of LED panel lighting is different, and the cause of fault is also different.What are the main causes of LED panels failure? The following is the JAMSEM PANEL LED:

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1. LED panel light quality control reasons: LED panel light manufacturers did not do a good job in anti-static work when assembling led panels , resulting in static damage to LED chips. The LED panel will be more likely to be damaged by static electricity after the LED panel is turned on.

2. The voltage of PANEL LED current is unstable, which may cause LED panel lighting damage. The power supply voltage of LED flat panel light is too high, especially easy to cause led lamp bead burn out.
There are many reasons for the sudden rise of power supply voltage, which may be the power quality problem of LED panels, or the improper use of users, installation of mismatched power supply, etc.

LED flat panel light dark area lighting

3. The poor heat dissipation capacity of LED panel light will also lead to damage of PANEL LED light. The LED chip will produce a lot of heat when it emits light. If the temperature in the LED panel lighting is too high, the LED chip may be damaged. Therefore, the heat dissipation design of LED panel lamp must be done well.

4. If the LED chip itself has been damaged and forms a short circuit on the circuit board, the voltage drop it should bear will be transferred to other LED chips. If there are too many short-circuit LED chips or the lamp beads are not redundant enough, the LED panel lights will appear dark area.

LED panels lighting failure dead LED chips

5. If the LED flat panel light is accidentally filled with water, the internal circuit of the PANEL LED lamp may be short circuited, resulting in the damage of the LED panel lighting.

6. During the installation process of PANEL LED light, the light guide plate of LED panel light may be deformed and the light refraction deviates, forming dark area due to operation error.

In a word, the causes of LED panels failure are various. The above six phenomena are only part of the causes, which does not mean that all LED panel lights are damaged because of this reasons.

LED panel lamp failure is inevitable, but led panel manufacturers such as jamsem led panels can minimize the failure rate of PANEL LED lights through production control. Moreover, reliable LED panel suppliers can replace the broken LED panel lights in time through the after-sales service of LED panel manufacturers after the LED panel light fails. Let the customer reduce the loss.

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If you can’t judge the fault of the panel lights, you can contact us. Jamsem is a professional China led panel light manufacturer and LED panels supplier. The business of jamsem LED panels is global. If you have the purchase demand of LED panels, you can contact us. The most reasonable price and reliable quality of LED panel lights can be achieved by professional LED panel light manufacturers.

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