LED panel light manufacturer notes: led panel factory’s overview of backlit led panels and edge-lit panel lamp

///LED panel light manufacturer notes: led panel factory’s overview of backlit led panels and edge-lit panel lamp

LED panel light manufacturer notes: led panel factory’s overview of backlit led panels and edge-lit panel lamp

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Now LED panel lights are becoming more popular, so what is LED flat panel light? Where are LED panels mainly used? What about the price of LED panel lights? Want to know? So let professional led panels answer these questions now.

  1.  Introduction to led flat panel light

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LED panel lights work by using an LED chip as a source of light and thus have a long life. According to the luminous mode, LED panel lamp can be divided into backlit panel light and edge-lit panel light.
Edge-lit led panel is able to pass the light emitted by the LED lamp beads on the side, change the direction of light after refraction through the light guide plate, and then pass through the diffusion plate, and finally form a uniform and soft light. Therefore, the edge-lit panel lights can maximize the internal space, which is why the edge-lit panel lights are thinner than the backlit panel lights. However, because the light guide plate is more expensive, the edge-lit panel lamp will be more expensive than the back-lit panel.
However, the backlit panel light is straight down and does not need light guide plate, so the price of the backlit LED panel lamp is cheaper. However, the LED beads of the panel lamp should be arranged in an orderly way, so that the surface of the diffusion plate can emit light evenly. Therefore, the thickness of the backlit panel lamp is much larger than that of the edge-lit panel light.
LED panel lights are colorful, generally including: white LED panel lighting, warm color led panels, yellow led panel, orange led panel, blue led flat panel and so on.
Conventional LED panel light is mainly white light and warm light, while CCT dimmable led panel light can adjust the light tone.
The power of LED panel lamp is generally not less than 6W, not more than 80W.

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2. Scope of application of led panel lighting

LED panel lights are widely used at present. Generally, LED panel lights are used in places where high chromic index lighting is required, such as hotels, conference rooms, offices, schools, hospitals, residential buildings and other places, and their energy-saving effect is very significant

3. LED panel lights advantages

LED panels have many advantages, LED lights have all the performance it has, such as long life, soft light not dazzling, energy saving and so on.
In addition to these advantages, the led panel lamp itself is very light, circuit design is unique, each light does not affect each other, that is to say, one of the lights is broken, other lights still work normally, will not bring inconvenience to consumers.
LED panel lighting can also be powered by emergency power, so that they can last for several hours even after a power failure.

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4. LED panel lamp maintenance

You have to take care of everything to make it last longer, and so do LED panels, which are kept clean.
When clean led panel light must turn off power supply first, reoccupy dry dishcloth undertakes cleaning. Remember not to use chemical and corrosive materials to clean, of course, wet cloth is not.

5. LED panel light price analysis

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The price of LED panel light is still more expensive than ordinary lamps and lanterns. The specific price is determined by the components used in the LED panel lamp.
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