LED panel light manufacturer-JAMSEM PANEL LED products help prevent and control COVID-19

///LED panel light manufacturer-JAMSEM PANEL LED products help prevent and control COVID-19

LED panel light manufacturer-JAMSEM PANEL LED products help prevent and control COVID-19

Does the LED panel light have a prevention and control effect on COVID-19? LED panel manufacturers have something to say about this.
In 2020, COVID-19 will emerge suddenly and break the opening plan for everyone.
As the originator of Corona Virus Disease 2019, COVID-19 has become a common hazard for all human beings due to its strong dissemination ability.
To date, China has controlled the epidemic of COVID-19, but due to the negligence of protective measures by European and American countries, the epidemic has suddenly broke out. I don’t know when this war between humans and viruses will continue.
So, can JAMSEM led panel lights with medical lighting as the starting point be able to prevent and control COVID-19? The answer should be yes.

First, it is well known that LEDs emit a lot of heat when they emit light. In order to let the PANEL LED lights dissipate heat faster, the LED panel light manufacturers use metal frames and special structures to quickly transfer the heat emitted by hundreds of LED lamp beads. If COVID-19 is attached to the surface of the PANEL LED light, it will quickly die under the heat radiation from the surface of the led panels. Because according to research, at a temperature of 56 degrees, COVID-19 will die in 30 minutes and lose its ability to infect. While the panel led light, the surface of the panel light can reach this temperature, so COVID-19 cannot survive for a long time on the LED panel light, which reduces the risk of virus infection.

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Secondly, JAMSEM led panel lights adopt a unique structural design and the application of new materials can effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria and viruses on the led panels. At the same time, with our company’s ultraviolet germicidal lamps, it can effectively prevent indoor spaces. COVID-19 replication and spread and infection.

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Third, our company also produces disposable medical masks, including KN95 disposable face masks. Protective mask products have obtained China’s production license, and also obtained European CE certification, which can be exported abroad. If you need to purchase led panels or disposable face masks, please contact our Email: sales@jamsem.com , we will reply you within 12 hours.

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Finally, I wish everyone a safe trial of this terrible epidemic. JAMSEM led panel lights are willing to work with you to resist COVID-19, and victory will ultimately belong to all humans!

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