China LED PANEL manufacturers tips: LED panel light maintenance and cleaning instructions!

///China LED PANEL manufacturers tips: LED panel light maintenance and cleaning instructions!

China LED PANEL manufacturers tips: LED panel light maintenance and cleaning instructions!

LED panel light maintenance and cleaning instructions!

A、 Precautions for safe use of LED panel lights:

1. Before installation and use of PANEL LED light, please confirm whether LED panel lighting is damaged during transportation. If LED panel is damaged, stop installation, and contact China LED panel manufacturer in time for after-sales communication.

2. If the LED panel light does not work, if it is confirmed that it is not caused by the installation, please contact the manufacturer in time and do not repair it yourself. If the LED flat panel light has been disassembled by the customer, the LED panel light manufacturer will not replace or guarantee the LED panel lighting in the after-sales service.

3. Children are not allowed to play with LED panel lights and attached materials, especially small accessories, such as screws, rubber plugs and other small items, please place them out of the reach of children. In order to prevent children from playing and eating, which may lead to health problems. After the LED panel lamp is powered on, it is not allowed for children to touch at will, so as to avoid the risk of electric shock. After the LED flat panel light is powered on for a long time, the surface temperature of the lamp body may exceed 60 ℃ (enough to cause harm to human body). Therefore, do not touch the PANEL LED light at will.

CCT LED panel 60x60 dimmable edge-lit panel 600x600 ultra-thin led flat panel light 1

CCT LED panel 60×60 dimmable edge-lit panel 600×600 ultra-thin led flat panel light 1

4. Although the light of the side light-emitting LED panel light is soft and not dazzling, do not look directly at the light-emitting surface of the LED panel lighting for a long time. It will cause certain damage to the eyes if you look directly at the LED flat panel light for a long time.

5. PANEL LED lighting should be placed away from open fire or high temperature. Although the service temperature of LED panel light product is between – 20 ℃ and 50 ℃, it is only the limit temperature. If the PANEL LED lamp works at low temperature or high temperature for a long time, the service life of LED panel light will be affected, so please do not try it easily. If you really need to use it at high or low temperature for a long time, please consult the China LED panel manufacturer about the relevant performance of LED panels, so as to obtain reasonable use suggestions.

6. If the LED panel lamp exceeds the service life of the China LED panel light manufacturer, it is recommended to repair and check again. If it is found that the lamp is seriously aging, it is recommended to scrap it to avoid potential safety hazard.

IP65 cleanroom LED panel light 30x120 1x4 led flat panel lighting 2

B、 Precautions for maintenance of PANEL LED light:

1. The driving power supply of LED panel light uses 110v-220v access voltage, which is fatal. Therefore, before cleaning the PANEL LED LIGHT, please disconnect the power supply to avoid electric shock hazard.

2. When cleaning PANEL LED light, please do not use wet towel to wipe it, so as to avoid water stains entering the LED panel lighting, otherwise, the LED flat panel light may be short circuited and the PANEL LED light chip will be burned after power on.

3. The surface of jamsem LED panel lights has been specially treated. If it is contaminated with dust or stains, just wipe it with a wet cloth. For stubborn stains, you can also use soap, weak detergent or warm water to clean the LED flat panel light properly.
When cleaning LED panel lights, try not to use chemical or corrosive cleaning agents. Although the surface of jamsem’s PANEL LED LIGHT has been treated with anti-corrosion, it does not have a protective effect on every chemical. Therefore, if you don’t know the characteristics of chemical cleaning agents, try not to use a large number of chemical cleaners to clean LED panel lights.